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Love the Film 'Sweet Home Alabama'? Take This Epic Southern Tour

While Legally Blonde is hilarious, Sweet Home Alabama is one of the all-time classic rom-coms starring Reese Witherspoon. Did you know that the film, directed by Andy Tennant, was actually filmed primarily in Georgia?  (Some of the film's historic homes were filmed in Eufala, Alabama.) You can visit the small town of Crawfordville, Georgia, and see all your favorite hot spots from the film.

I'm still torn between whether or not my favorite is Josh Lucas, i.e., Jake who was Melanie Carmichael's (or...spoilers! Her real name is Melanie Smooter) childhood sweetheart, or Patrick Dempsey (Andrew) the fiancé in New York who literally had the best proposal I've ever seen in a movie. I'd probably pass out if someone rented out Tiffany's with every possible ring on display. 

Melanie goes back to the home town that she had put behind her after becoming a fashion designer in New York City only to realize that she should never have been ashamed of where she grew up. Co-starring Candice Bergen (as the mayor of New York), Jean Smart, Fred Ward, Ethan Embry, and Mary Kay Place, it's a recipe for a perfect romantic comedy.

Where Was 'Sweet Home Alabama' Filmed?

Oak Hill & the Martha Berry Museum

This house you might recognize as the Carmichael Plantation from the film. Situated on Berry College campus, the historic property once housed Union soldiers during the Civil War.

Georgia International Horse Park

Better known as the field where Melanie's father held his Civil War reenactment, this site once hosted the 1996 Olympic Volleyball, equestrian and pentathlon events.

Starr's Mill


You'll recognize this as Deep South Glass, Jake's business. Only Josh Lucas could make blown glass look that good. This is included on the Southern Hollywood Film Tour that takes people to notable stops from Drop Dead Diva, Joyful Noise, and Sweet Home Alabama

Heavy's Barbeque

The Crawfordville restaurant used as Stella's Bar in the film is the epitome of rustic southern charm. They even have the sign used in the movie on display.

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