Pepperidge Farm Strawberry Swirl Bread is Back Just in Time for Spring

You can make an average loaf of bread go from tasty to mouth-watering with a few hacks. Kerrygold Butter, Dr Pepper jelly, honey butter, you name it! Pepperidge Farm knows that a slice of bread can't go wrong with a little sweetness too, so they treated us to Limited Edition Strawberry Swirl Bread.

We've been hard at work making loaf bread recipes over the last few weeks, but here's our chance to enjoy yummy store-bought bread again. You can have strawberry swirl bread for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! (We're not judging.)

1. Pepperidge Farm Swirl Strawberry Breakfast Bread, 14 oz. Bag

Dehydrated strawberries have never tasted so good before. And trust me, it's such a fresh strawberry taste. Top a slice off with cream cheese, and you've got a quick and easy breakfast.

2. Pepperidge Farm Swirl Cinnamon Breakfast Bread, 16 oz. Loaf

If you think the goodness stops there, you're wrong. Pepperidge Farm has a cinnamon-flavored swirl bread made with natural flavors. Just think about the french toast you can make with this flavor.

3. Pepperidge Farm Swirl Blueberry Breakfast Bread, 16 oz. Bag

Blueberry is so underrated, y'all. Every now and then, I pull out my toaster and drizzle melted butter and blueberry jam on my toast.

4. Pepperidge Farm Swirl Baked Apple with Caramel Breakfast Bread, 14 oz. Bag

I'm the biggest apple pie fan of all time. Actually, just apples in general. If you love candy apples, you'll be tempted to finish this loaf all in one day. (This might be a favorite of mine, along with Cranberry Swirl.)

5. Pepperidge Farm Swirl Raisin Cinnamon Breakfast Bread, 16 oz. Loaf

Raisin fans, rejoice! You can get your cinnamon bread fix with your favorite snack. Doesn't that sound amazing? Ditch the canola oil, large bowls, and enriched wheat flour for a bit. Enjoy!

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