13 Different Types of Bread to Bake This Week

A staple of flour and water, bread is one of the oldest man-made foods, dating back almost 30,000 years ago in the deserts of Jordan. Today it is the main staple in many diets around the world, with thousands of different types of bread baked and served every single day. From French baguettes to tortillas, baking bread at home is fun, therapeutic, and delicious.

Most of these recipes only require a few minutes of active cooking time, making it the perfect recipe to make when you have the day at home.

Breadmaking Essentials

If you have flour, yeast, salt, and water, you have bread! All-purpose flour works well, but if you are planning to make some artisanal-style bread, I would highly suggest grabbing a bag of bread flour. Bread flour has more protein than all-purpose, giving it more gluten, which gives bread bubbles and structure.

The next item on the list is a thermometer. One of the most important things you have to be conscious of is the temperature of the water when you mix in the yeast. Too cold and it won't rise. Too hot and the yeast will die, causing the bread to, once again, not rise. Using a thermometer to test the water prevents this from happening.

13 Types of Bread to Bake

Jewish Rye Bread

Made with rye flour, this yeast bread is denser than wheat bread and packs more fiber than a slice of white bread and usually contains caraway seeds. Considered a staple during the Middle Ages in Europe, this bread is most popular topped with corned beef and mustard.

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Tender and sweet, this egg-rich French bread can be made into loaves or rolls with the first recorded recipe dating back to the 1400s. Serve as is or use it to make the best french toast you've ever tasted.

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Italian Ciabatta

Created in 1982 in Italy, this modern bread has a crisp exterior and large bubbles. This bread is great sliced and prepared with sandwich meats to make a panini.

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Pita Bread


Baked at a high temperature, this type of bread comes from the Middle East as one of the oldest recipes. Used to scoop sauces like hummus, this flatbread can be used in a variety of ways.

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Soda Bread

Leavened with baking soda, soda bread is a quick bread made with buttermilk, flour, salt, and baking soda. This bread is on the table in less than an hour, making it a fun project to make any day of the week.

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Whole Wheat Bread

Made using whole-wheat flour and sometimes whole grains, this bread can be shaped into loaves or rolls, making it very versatile. Add a few different grains to make it a whole grain bread.

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White Sandwich Bread


What's better than sliced bread? Sweet and delicious topped with peanut butter and jelly, making your own white sandwich bread at home is easier than you think.

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Sour in taste from the lactic acid produced by the lactobacilli, sourdough bread is made using a starter, which is a fermented mixture of yeast, flour and water. You can buy dried sourdough starter online. Just make sure the feed it!

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French Bread


Long, thin, and crispy, French bread is made with wheat flour, water, and salt. While it has simple ingredients, this bread is focused on the technique to produce beautiful loaves.

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Originated in the Jewish communities of Poland, bagels are boiled then baked to give the baked bread its distinctive exterior and soft interior. Homemade bagels are best served with lox and cream cheese.

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Usually braided and served during Jewish holidays, challah is a sweet bread made with eggs, white flour, water, yeast, sugar, and salt. Challah can be served sprinkled with poppy seeds or sesame seeds.

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A bit different than all the bread on the list, this unleavened bread is made with masa harina and warm water. The dough is rolled or pressed with a tortilla press and then cooked on a skillet.

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This recipe originated with the Native Americans who used cornmeal in a variety of ways. Today this southern bread is great served with BBQ.

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