Steve Harvey Lashes Out at Guests, Family Feud Execs Uneasy
(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Steve Harvey Lashes Out at Contestant, Family Feud Execs Uneasy

Steve Harvey thrives as modern media's hardest working man. He prospers in radio with his daily morning show. But his biggest success of all lies in the realm of television. He blows up as one of the Kings of Comedy, transitioning him to a big sitcom in the 90s. He runs a talk show until NBC network swaps him out for Kelly Clarkson. Now, he's a TV judge like Mathis and Judy.

However, it's Family Feud that takes up most of Steve Harvey's time nowadays. Fans love him but executives of the show are starting to feel a bit antsy about some of his antics.

Steve Harvey Puts Family Feud Execs on Edge

Recently, an answer on an episode leaves Steve in shambles. He asks a contestant named Jeff, ""Women love a man in uniform. Men love a woman in what?"

Jeff admits his wife won't love his answer. Still, he giddily replies 'the kitchen.' Harvey's jaw drops at the audacity of the contestant. Frankly, he didn't really answer the question so it's dumb in that way. Obviously, they're looking for some piece of clothing that men love to see in a woman because women love men in uniform. But Jeff thinks he's a comedian.

Steve either dryly jokes at him or he's completely over it entirely. People can interpret this either way. But the Family Feud host emphasizes, ""Yeah, I gotta tell ya ... That's about the stupidest thing you could have said!"

Sources state that executives of the decades long game show grow weary of Steve Harvey taking pot shots at the contestants. "Steve's king of the hill and has become an intrinsic part of the show's success — but insulting contestants and calling their answers stupid right to their face is the last thing people need. "It's got people around him panicky. They're concerned Steve's working too hard. Maybe there's pressure at home that's getting to him and making him short-tempered."

Frankly, I don't think it's that deep. In reality, I figure Steve probably lacks a punchy, witty joke to even retort to Jeff's insane answer. Ultimately, this kind of banter is what makes people tune in every weeknight during dinner. They want to see Harvey take shots at some of the ridiculous answers that stem from Family Feud. He'll be fine, just maybe don't lay it on so thick so the execs don't freak out.