Brutal 'Family Feud' Joke Takes Steve Harvey By Surprise
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Brutal 'Family Feud' Joke Takes Steve Harvey By Surprise

Now that we're mostly over the pain of Pat Sajak leaving Wheel of Fortune, we can go elsewhere for laughs rather than tears. Family Feud is known for a few things. 1. The out-of-pocket answers contestants give. 2. Its captivating, yet simple format. 3. Inarguably the show's most important factor: Steve Harvey.

For those who might be unaware, once upon a time, Harvey was a celebrated stand-up comedian. One of the original "Kings of Comedy," as a matter of fact. (I added a fun playlist if you feel like going down that rabbit hole today!)

Despite being a comedic icon, most people now more closely associate Harvey with Family Feud. For good reason, as you'll find out!


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Enter Robbie Weatherspoon. Weatherspoon decided to choose violence when he and his family went on Family Feud. He had a joke at the ready for Harvey, determined to break the often-confounded host. You could say Weatherspoon hit Harvey with the father of all dad jokes.

"I'm retired, I play a lot of golf, and I just recently celebrated my 49th wedding anniversary," he begins after introducing himself. "That's not easy. You got to treat her with respect, take her on great trips," Weatherspoon said. Then, the one-hit knockout.

"For our 25th, I took her to China. And next year, I'm going to go pick her up."

Steve Harvey Gets Hit With The Ultimate Dad Joke On 'Family Feud'

Harvey breaks. Crumbles into hysterics. He didn't see it coming, and Weatherspoon looks so proud. An understated part of this interaction is that, before Harvey or anyone else laughs, Weatherspoon laughs and claps at his own joke.

Only fiends with nothing to lose do that. He didn't go on that show trying to impress Steve Harvey. All Weatherspoon wanted was a platform, and if Harvey happened to laugh, it was an extra benefit of a job well done. He's like the Joker.

All in all, moments like these are par the course for Family Feud. I'll throw you a little bonus! If you want to laugh — and I mean really want to laugh — please watch this compilation. It's a sampling of some of Family Feud's best moments. You won't regret it, I promise!