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Each Year, This City Becomes 'Halloweentown'


The Disney Channel movie Halloweentown has long been a holiday classic for the whole family to watch year after year. Watching Marnie find out she's a witch and that her family is from a world where it's Halloween every day never gets old. It doesn't hurt that her grandmother (played by Debbie Reynolds) can literally fly a broom. Did you know that the city of St. Helens where much of movie was filmed also has it's own "Halloweentown" annual celebration?

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The festivities last all month long in October and include decorations all over the town of St. Helens. There's even a giant pumpkin in front of City Hall just like in the film. The pumpkin lighting takes place on October 8, and there's plenty of other activities to keep you busy throughout the month. 

The spirit of Halloweentown is really treasured in this Oregon town. Every night after dark there will be a ghostly walk in downtown St. Helens where you can watch for storefront apparitions and other special effects. During the  day there will be free photo ops at Courthouse Plaza as well. There will be a haunted house for children as well as a more extreme option for adults but a must visit is the Haunted Mansion. Don't forget about the The Tiny Parade of Pumpkins


There will also be all of the usual beloved Halloween activities: pumpkin carving, haunted tractor rides, and lots of Halloween costumes. With Marnie in town, it's almost like you've entered the actual film! Hopefully Kalabar doesn't show up though...

Can I just go visit for the entire month of October? For more information, visit Discover Columbia County.

Update: This post was updated on September 12. A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that "Halloweentown" star Kimberly J. Brown would be in attendance at this year's festival. We regret the error. 

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