Mysterious Skittle Truck Spill on Rural Highway Takes Bizarre Twist

It looks like a bunch of cows were going to "Taste the Rainbow" or at least part of the rainbow. A bunch of Skittles spilled on a road in Wisconsin, and they're now under investigation.

This story is just plain weird, and it keeps getting weirder. It all started when a Wisconsin sheriff posted on Facebook that "hundreds of thousands of Skittles" had spilled on a rural road, according to the Associated Press. Oddly enough, only red Skittles spilled. A deputy came across the mishap and sent the photos to Sheriff Dale Schmidt. The sheriff later updated his post to explain that the candies were on their way to be cattle feed.

Apparently, there was a power outage at the factory when the candy was created so they never got their "S." Because of this, they weren't supposed to be sold. Mars spokeswoman Denise Young says the batch was scheduled to be destroyed. Now the company is investigating.

It's not abnormal for leftover food products, especially candy, to become cow feed. The odd thing is that the Mars factory where the candy came from doesn't sell its unused product for cow feed.

"We don't know how it ended up as it did and we are investigating," a spokesperson for Mars said.

According to the company, you should worry about the cattle getting a sugar high or not getting their nutrition. The company's corporate environmental manager, Linda Kurtz, says the candy particles go in with other ingredients to make animal food. She also says Mars doesn't sell straight to farmers, which is even odder considering where the candy was headed.

We guess even cows need some colorful candy from time to time.

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