Woman Enrages Internet With Viral Pasta Video

Many food hacks on TikTok and the Internet teach home cooks how to prepare foods more easily, like the peeling garlic hack or poaching eggs in the microwave. Other cooking videos show strange but delicious food combos, like ranch pickles. This hilarious spaghetti video shows a woman who's figured how to easily make pasta for a crowd, but the internet is less than pleased.

Spaghetti is a go-to choice for a crowd-pleasing dish, classic for a versatile and yummy meal. However, even if you've figured out the perfect meal to make for a get-together, it can be hard to find large enough pots and pans to make big portions.

In this crazy food hack by Josh and Lisa, Lisa claims to have found the solution! Instead of using a crockpot or combining her spaghetti ingredients in a bowl, she cuts down on the dishes and hassle by using the countertop instead.

Lisa's trending video shows how to make spaghetti and meatballs in a quick and easy way to feed a crowd. She explains the process throughout the video, at one point saying that she's Italian, and "real Italians" make pasta like this. The person taking the video comments on her method, exclaiming "holy smokes, this is so cool!"

Ridiculous Spaghetti Video

To make this easy spaghetti recipe, she starts by pouring Prego spaghetti sauce all over the counter, spreading it out evenly. She then gets out a bowl of meatballs, spreading these across the counter on one side of the sauce. The meatballs can be whatever kind you prefer, be it ground beef, Italian sausage, or a combination.

Next comes the parmesan cheese, which she dumps liberally on the counter in a straight line through the center of the tomato sauce. She says that "everyone loves good cheesy spaghetti" which I can't argue with, no matter what her cooking methods are.

After this, Lisa shakes out the spaghetti noodles on the counter, in a line next to the cheese. She warns that the noodles will be hot from the stove, so be careful in this part! At this point, she starts mixing everything together, spreading the meatballs, cheese and spaghetti pasta throughout the pasta sauce. For extra flavor, you can add oregano or Italian seasoning to your pasta!

The Craziness Continues

After following her pasta recipe, she makes a salad on the countertop alongside it, using lettuce and dressing. Last but not least, a few large pieces of garlic bread are placed alongside the spaghetti and meat sauce, and she ends by exclaiming that this is "everything you need" and is "the definition of family-style."

This controversial food hack parody went viral on social media, with a range of responses from viewers. Despite this recipe's ability to cut down on cook time, many people commented on sentiments like "What a 'hot', or should I say 'cold', mess" and "watching this video caused me so much stress. I would not eat or serve this."

Others, however, seemed entertained, and one person's facetious response was "is this performance art? Captivating."

Whether you agree or disagree with her entertaining (if slightly ridiculous) methods, she definitely puts her own spin on spaghetti!

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