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Peel Garlic Fast with this Genius Hack

Garlic is one of those flavors that makes almost anything taste better. When it comes to savory dishes, I always want there to be garlic involved. However, peeling garlic is often time-consuming and frustrating. Getting all of the skin off takes way longer than it feels like it should, especially if you're cooking in a state of hanger. Fortunately, this garlic peel hack makes garlic peeling into a whole new experience!

The Amazing Garlic Peeling Trick

This garlic peeling hack arose from a video posted to Twitter, which shows someone using a small knife to pluck cloves of garlic right out of an entire head of garlic at an incredible rate! Rather than going through the hassle of taking each clove of garlic out and painstakingly removing its layers of skin, this garlic-eater has found a way to remove individual cloves without their skin. In the video, she sticks her knife into the center of the garlic clove, then pulls it out by twisting slightly to the side and pulling. This magically results in a bowl of peeled garlic cloves, which shows that she's performed this trick on many heads of garlic.

When this master of garlic peeling released her secrets to the world, the internet blew up with astounded home cooks. Of the ten thousand comments on the trending tweet, many are garlic-lovers who feel betrayed at never having learned this before. To think that we could have been speedily peeling garlic without a cutting board this whole time! Even Chrissy Teigen retweeted the video to her millions of followers, spreading this ingenious trick to more people.

Garlic Peeler

There are garlic peeling hacks all over Twitter and TikTok being touted as the best way to peel garlic, but few are as efficient and impressive as this one. The creator of the video advertises this as a great way to peel a lot of garlic, fast. It's unclear what her implement is, but it looks like a small chef's knife, paring knife, or maybe even half of a pair of kitchen scissors. Above her video, she says that "as someone who makes a lot of Korean food, this is the best method for getting garlic peeled!"

Keep Trying!


Some comments are people who didn't have success with the kitchen hack, but the video creator replies back with another video, saying "also watch this before telling me it didn't work." If this kitchen hack doesn't work the first time, try again before giving up! You might have the wrong kind of knife or be using the wrong angle or amount of force. It's certainly worth a few tries with this cooking hack if it leads you to master the easiest way to peel garlic!

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