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Reese Witherspoon Explains 'Caddywonked' & More In Southern Slang Tutorial

Is there anyone who doesn't love Reese Witherspoon? The actress is a southern and national treasure and we should all be grateful to see her gracing our screens on a regular basis. The Hollywood A-lister is from the south herself, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. So she's the perfect movie star to teach fans the ins and outs of southern slang in this Vanity Fair video.

Most of these are probably second nature to most southerners, but it's entertaining watching Witherspoon explain some of the popular slang terms. Because there's way more to it than just "y'all."

Witherspoon's southern accent shines in this adorable video as she lists the different slang words with her own interpretation. Now hold onto your britches and enjoy watching Reese explain some of the most popular slang terms. She doesn't touch on some of the well known southern phrases like "druthers," "hankerin," "hissy fit," "skedaddle," or "tarnation," but you get the gist. It's also worth pointing out that these terms are not reserved specifically for "rednecks." This is literally how people all over the south speak, Witherspoon included!

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A relative of "Cattywampus." If something is slightly crooked, it's "caddywonked."


"You guys," Witherspoon explains. "I'm sure you've had one of these. It's when you absolutely lose your sh-t." Well, there ya go!

Fit to be tied 

As the actress puts it, this means you just can't figure it out, something frustrating is going on so you are just "fit to be tied."

Dern tootin' 

"You are completely right I totally agree with you." Essentially you're just saying yes, absolutely! One of the essential southernisms you'll hear from Georgia to South Carolina to Alabama and Texas.

Tore slap up

You did a great job or you made a mess of something. Hey, it makes sense to us okay?


Peanuts. "You're welcome." While yes, this is a movie theater snack you can buy, goobers is also a euphemism for ignorant or foolish.

Bless Your Heart

"How we feel about everybody" the star explains. It's a common southern saying and people really do mean it!

June Bug

Not a term, but bugs that are literally everywhere in the south. Yankees really don't know what we go through dealing with those nasty beetles. On the flip side, Witherspoon points out that it's an affectionate term for women named June, which is important to note since she played June Carter Cash on the big screen!


No this is not cornbread. It's somewhere between a pancake, grits, and hushpuppies all coming together to make this classic southern dish that needs to be made in a cast-iron skillet


"Either tryin' real hard to be bigger but it's really's really just small." 


The Tennesee Volunteers, y'all!

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