Mica Miller Accused South Carolina Pastor John-Paul Miller Of "Grooming" Her Since She Was 10-Years-Old
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South Carolina Pastor John-Paul Miller Breaks Silence, Says No One Would Believe Wife Was Mentally Ill

South Carolina Pastor John-Paul Miller is breaking his silence following the conspiracy theories and rumors around his wife Mica Miller's death. Police confirmed that Mica committed suicide and purchased the weapon the same day.

In an interview with The Christian Post, John-Paul got honest about his past failings. He said that he cheated on his first wife with Mica and that it almost cost them most of the congregation. The pastor said that Mica had a mental illness. He said doctors diagnosed her with  "bipolar II, schizophrenic and dependent personality disorder."

According to the pastor, Mica took lithium to treat her symptoms and was fine when medicated. However, he said that she stopped medicating, believing the prior of prayer could treat her disorders.

"I took care of her through every time she went to the mental institute." He said he tried to get her help. "I took care of her every time she stopped taking her lithium. I would never expose this stuff of her if I didn't have to now. But every time she tried to kill herself, I would be there. I would literally sometimes pick her up physically put her in the truck, take her to the [hospital]," Miller said.

John-Paul Miller Said Mental Illness Took Toll On Marriage

John-Paul said he tried to get her hospitalized but the courts said he couldn't force her. "Nobody believed me when I told them that she was having a psychotic break. She would have never left. She would have never done what she did. They wouldn't believe me. I have 48 text messages that I sent out saying she needs her lithium; somebody help me please. And no one believed me," he said.

Rather than support, John-Paul said her family thought he was the aggressor. However, he said that he just wanted to get his wife some help.

He said, "Everybody thought I was a demon for trying to take her to probate court and get her put in a hospital. I told her family, I have text messages, over and over, I told her family she needs her medicine. They told me I'm crazy. She doesn't need any medicines. I text messaged her, but they sent her saying, it makes you fat or it makes you slur.  Or you shouldn't take your meds, or you just need something holistic, you don't need what the doctors say."

According to John-Paul, nobody understood the struggles he was going through with her mental illness.

"Nobody believed me. Nobody understood mental illness. She was diagnosed by the doctors for the past seven years as ... bipolar II, schizophrenic and dependent personality disorder. And I was with her every time she thought she was seeing aliens. I was with her every time she thought artificial intelligence was after her. I was with her through everything, and the last psychotic episode she had, she didn't know who I was," he explained.