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Costco Will Soon Ship Groceries Straight to Your Door

Wholesale fans rejoice, and welcome to the future. Almost. A new company just announced they'll bring Costco goods straight to your door for a small fee.

Grocery delivery service Shipt will launch the Costco delivery test run in Tampa, Fla. soon, followed by 50 other markets by the end of this year. The company hopes to service 30 million households with Costco delivery by the end of 2017.

So basically, fears of massive shopping carts and lines no longer keep you from obtaining 5 gallons of hummus. Because for $99 per year, Shipt employees bring it right to you. That fee gets you unlimited deliveries from an assortment of stores.

The company wants to keep it close, delivering to households within a couple miles of the stores. Customers give an one-hour window for delivery drivers to bring you everything you need.

For Shipt, the expansion into Costco isn't too much of a burden. They already work with Whole Foods and H-E-B, among others. And though Costco has a membership, customers simply log in online to make their selections.

Of course, one of the major allures of getting groceries delivered is the time-saving aspect. We all love Costco, but we all know that store is where free time goes to die. Especially if its sample day. Oh, sample day.

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But with delivery services, customers pick everything they need from their local store from the web or an app. Then you just go about your business until your order arrives at your doorstep.

Other grocery chains also offer pick up options, usually for low fees (like $5 per trip). You simply drive your car right up to the window at the time you selected and get your stuff.

The Food Marketing Institute says as much as 20% of grocery shopping could be online by 2025. That's huge — more than $100 billion worth. And more than 70% of shoppers believe they'll give online grocery shopping a chance within the next 10 years or earlier.

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