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Song Premiere: Pat Green's New Single, 'Drinkin' Days'

Pat Green is one of the Texas country scene's original stars. When Green and contemporaries like Cross Canadian Ragweed took their sound to a national stage, a robust scene grew from their success. But when he stepped away, no matter how many artists came up after, nobody captured that same "Pat Green sound."

So when Green announced his comeback in 2014, Texas welcomed him with open arms. And now his new single "Drinkin' Days" proves Green isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

A rowdy, pub-style singalong, "Drinkin' Days," captures an acoustic roots vibe while still packing plenty of energy. Much of that comes thanks to a soaring chorus with a gang vocal romanticizing those old days of throwing down til you can't get up. "They hurt like a mother but I sure did love 'em," Green sings.

Listen to exclusive premiere of "Drinkin' Days"

The song is a therapeutic way of looking back at days gone by without resorting to the same behavior. Green notably battled issues with alcohol in the past, but when it comes down to it, the song isn't really about the alcohol at all. "I've always felt like life is a party, drinking or not," Green tells Wide Open Country. The song is more about looking back fondly on our younger, probably dumber days.

"This song just made me smile from ear to ear because I remember all — err — *most* of those nights," Green adds. "It's funny to me that all the good songs sound like the truth. It's my 'rowdied on down' song, if you will."

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"Drinkin' Days" is Pat Green's first new single since his critically lauded 2015 album Home. That record featured collaborations with some of music's brightest names, including Lyle Lovett, Sheryl Crow and Marc Broussard. When Green announced the new song, he hinted that more music is on the way as well.

And in another cool move, Green recently sourced pictures and videos from fans for his upcoming music video for the new single. Green asked for old school photos as well as any of fans with him.

Download "Drinkin' Days" when it comes out May 26 and be on the lookout for the new video!

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