Pat Green
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Pat Green Happily Reunited with His Pug, Ugg

Here's some happy news: Pat Green's dog Ugg the pug is no longer missing!

Ugg went missing on Monday, when Green stopped to get gas between Austin and Fort Worth. The curious pooch jumped out of the car around the Jarrell/Georgetown area.

When a Blue Bell Ice Cream truck initiated its air breaks, Ugg got spooked and ran off.

But citizens in the Jarrell area leapt into action, along with Green's loyal social media following. When he posted about the sad occasion on Facebook, plenty of people agreed to keep an eye out and form some searches.

Hours later, he shared a picture of a happy looking Ugg back with her family.

Green says of the experience, "My hat is in my hand."

He expressed sincere gratitude to the community and says he has a better understanding "of what kindness to a stranger feels like when you're on the receiving end." Though let's be honest, it probably didn't take too long for folks to find out who Pat Green is around those parts.

Green spent two days looking for Ugg. She was a gift for his son Kellison and a true family friend. He says finding her felt like Christmas Day all over again. "I know that sounds cheesy — but all you dads out there who have seen your daughter's face light up, well, it's unforgettable."

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And now that he can laugh about it, Green says he's going to put a collar on Ugg that you can "see from space."

Now that unpleasantness is out of the way, Green can get back to playing some shows. He lined up several this spring, still supporting his 2015 record Home.

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