These Soap Dishes Create A Tidier Countertop Instantly

Bar soap is a substance that's supposed to be clean but ends up pretty suspect when left in the wrong soap dish. Like a lot of other cleaning products. But, if you squirm at the drip of a liquid soap dispenser, or you're a proponent of plastic-free life, then a good dish tray is irreplaceable.

Keeping your hands soft and sanitary is important. Treat your cleansing products with the same consideration as you treat the hands they wash. Plus, you can make a statement with your bathroom decor in the process. Here are our top picks.

The Best Soap Dishes

1. Our Top Pick: An Eco-Friendly Option

My HomeBody Soap Saver (6-Pack) - Amazon, $11.99

These myHomeBody lifting pads are perfect if you're looking for a customizable (you can cut it to your preferred size) and functional soap saver. It'll keep the shape of your soap and prevent water from leaking everywhere. One reviewer wrote: "The perfect soap holder. I think my soap lasts longer. Really no cleaning , just rinse with warm water. No Fuss at all." It's eco-friendly and will last for a very, very long time.

2. Our Favorite Wood Pick

Anwenk Wooden Soap Dish - Amazon, $6.39

We've recommended teak wood bath essentials in the past, but this pinewood dish is too cool to pass up. The earthy home will fit this piece into a decor scheme as a hand soap holder for the kitchen sink or shower.

3. An Easy-Dry Silicone Option

Myyce Silicone Soap Dishes (2-Pack) - Amazon, $5.09

This bar soap holder has an ingenious, sloped design that is great for countertops. Drain suds right into the sink, and then rinse it out for easy cleaning. Raised silicon ridges eliminate mushy soap and the easy-to-clean material will prevent mildew or build-up over time.

4. A Decorative Ceramic Option

LungMongKol Ceramic Soap Dish - Amazon, $16.99

Porcelain soap dishes are a popular option for holding slippery bars, but they often get a bad rep for becoming sticky over time. The MAKOLO ceramic tray defies convention with a double-layer drain tray that keeps soap dry.

5. A Simple Stainless Steel Option

Sparro Stainless Steel Soap Dish - Amazon, $10.68

This stainless steel soap dish is multipurpose — use it for your soap, or use it for your sponge by your kitchen sink. It's durable and has slots in it to air out your soap, but is double-layered so your sink won't get messy.

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