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$60 Snow Scooter Has Excellent Reviews & Will Keep the Kids Busy All Winter Long

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Winter is just around the corner, which means it's almost time to break out the snow boots and mittens and get ready for some winter activities with the little ones. Be prepared for the next snow day with these snow toys from Amazon, they're perfect for all types of snow play!

Whether you have small kiddos who would love nothing more than building a snowman complete with a carrot nose and top hat, or bigger kids who prefer to build an igloo, these snow toys are great for all sorts of uses. You'll keep them busy all winter long!

Safety Tips for Kids Playing in the Snow

Being outdoors in below-freezing weather can sometimes be dangerous. We recommend following this temperature guide from Boys Town Pediatrics. Make sure your kids have the proper apparel for outdoor play. Your kids will need to layer their clothing to avoid getting chilled and frostbite.

Anytime it's 20 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, follow protocol. This also means taking breaks to warm up! Lastly, stay indoors if it's 20 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Especially keep your babies indoors! Keep them safe and healthy this winter.

Kids get excited and may not want to go indoors when they're having fun but let them know it's for their safety. If you need help convincing them to get indoors, you can always plan a fun indoor snow day that involves hot chocolate and using an indoor s'mores maker.

Your little ones are going to love every memory made on snow days!

Best Snow Toys For Kids

1. CWLAKON 7 Pcs Snow Toys Kit, Snowball Maker Tools

This snow toys kit has everything you could ever want for a fun day in the snow: a snowball maker for creating the perfect snowballs (get ready for an epic snowball fight!), a snow brick maker for making epic snow forts and snow castles, mini molds with a snowman building kit and a small shovel for quick building. These winter toys will keep them busy for hours, plus they can be used to make sand bricks and sandcastles come summertime, too!

2. tomser 2 Pack Snow Tubes, 50" and 40" Inflatable Snow Sleds for Family

These inflatable snow tubes are perfect for zipping down a snowy hill. The heavy-duty construction ensures they'll last for years to come, and even bigger kids and adults can get in on the fun. These saucer sleds are made of thickened military-grade material with a material thickness of 2mm, the extra-thick material makes it highly resistant to friction on the bottom and sides, preventing the inflatable snow tube from bursting on bumpy ground, you could even pull it behind a snowmobile for DIY tubing if you don't have any hills nearby!

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3. YXGOOD Penguin Snow Mold Winter Penguin Snow Maker

Let your little ones' imaginations run wild with this SNO penguin mold art kit. They can create a horde of snow penguins to play with and create all sorts of games. They could even decorate the front porch or backyard with these. A little snow paint would allow them to paint them for extra fun and creativity.

4. Geospace Original LED Ski Skooter: Fold-up Snowboard

This snow scooter is perfect for any kids who want to try something new and exciting this winter. They can race down the snowy hills on this scooter, which is similar to a snowboard but with easier maneuverability.

A five-star review: "Ordered this last minute for impending snow storms. Showed up on time and it was so worth it. 13 yo son loved it, both as a scooter and to just sit down on (like a sled) for steeper slopes. Saved the day for a rare Seattle snowstorms. Had seen other reviewers talking about the missing light, but ours had one built in and worked great."

5. Flexible Flyer Winter Trek Large Pull Sled for Adults

Winter wouldn't be complete without a toboggan, there's something quintessential about piling this sled full of people and careening down a snowy slope. This sled is durable enough to handle up to two adults or three kids, it's perfect for the whole family!

It's 5.5-feet long and is recommended for ages four and up. There are even molded hand grips for safety.

A five-star review: "We bought 6 for Christmas. The are very thick and durable. The unbreakable resin is unbreakable. The sled folded and returned to normal shape. It is slippery and with the grooves speeds downhill carving turns as you lean. I was able to do a 90 degree turn, lean on the uphill side and perform an emergency STOP. It was like what skiers skaters and snowboarders do to stop."