snow in South Texas
Facebook/Lazy R Hunts

Snow in South Texas Turns the Lone Star State into a Winter Wonderland [Photos]

Jack Frost arrived in the Lone Star State last night and, for the first time in a long time, paid a visit to the folks in southwest Texas. As is standard procedure these days, folks ran outside to enjoy the winter wonderland and make the world's tiniest snowmen. Then they took to social media to share their photos of snow in South Texas.

Snow was reported in Eagle Pass, just across the Rio Grande from Mexico. They also had snow in Uvalde, the hometown of Matthew McConaughey. There was even some snow outside San Antonio, in Mountain Home, Texas.

Though snow is a relatively frequent occurrence in North Texas and the Panhandle compared to the rest of the state, they don't usually get much in South Texas. Snow fell on Christmas Eve 2004 across southeast Texas and the Gulf Coast, and folks are still talking about it almost 13 years later.

The sight of palm trees, orange trees and sago palms covered in snow is a novel sight for most Texans. Here are some cool (pun intended) pictures of the snow in South Texas that fell last night.

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