Sno Wovel

This Guy’s Genius 'Sno Wovel' Saves Tons of Time

Anyone that lives in a snowy part of the country knows that a good shovel is key to surviving the winter. Whether it's one inch or 10, shovels just get the job done.  The downside, however, is that shoveling is actually pretty physically demanding. Shoveling a foot of snow without a backache following is nearly impossible. Or at least, it was, until someone invented a genius shovel on a wheel. The "Sno Wovel," a product sold by Nootols, basically turns a shovel into a wheeling lever.

This lessens the physical strain of shoveling. Leverage lets people use their body weight to lift and throw snow. Rather than stabbing and lifting snow over and over again, the invention lets people smoothly power through piles. See for yourself in the video below.

According to the product listing, shoveling with one of these bad boys is comparable to simply walking. So, say goodbye to back and shoulder aches and hello to clear driveways this winter season! If you can pay the price, that is. The innovative shovel runs for around $180.

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