This Genius Hack Lets You Start a Campfire with Your Car Battery

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Have you ever headed off on that big camping trip only to find that you forgot to pack something to start the fire? This could leave you in quite the jam. Without a lighter or a match, you may think that starting a fire the old fashioned way is the only answer. Luckily, there is another simple option. You can actually use your car's battery to light a fire instead.

In this video by YouTuber CrazyRussianHacker, we discover just how easy it is to start a fire with nothing more than your jumper cables and your car's battery. Simply attach one cable to your car battery and the other end to a piece of steel wool. Then you just need to touch the loose end to the wool to set the wool on fire.

For full instructions, check out this quick video.

This is a pretty cool trick for starting a fire with very few supplies. Who knew that your car battery could be that helpful when you were out camping? You can even use this trick in an emergency if you ever find yourself stranded in the cold.

Naturally, you will want to be careful when you are using this hack. Always keep away from flammable material and keep children out of the area when using this method.

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This Genius Hack Lets You Start a Campfire with Your Car Battery