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Snickers Bars Will Be Cheaper as the Internet Gets Even Angrier

There's no doubt the internet is an angry place and, it seems, just getting angrier, but Snickers is seizing on that sentiment to offer discounted candy bars as the internet gets angrier. With its new "Hungerithm," Snickers is analyzing social media posts from Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, looking at 3,000 common words to get a feeling of the overall "mood" of the internet.

Every 10 minutes, the Hungerithm tracker will calculate a new score — ranging from Annoyed, On Edge and Irritable to Freaking Out and up to Full Meltdown — which translates to discounts. The angrier the internet, the bigger the savings.

Price reductions can be anywhere from a few cents to more than $1, and you can lock them in any time by visiting Hungerithm on your mobile device — no laptops. These digital coupons are only redeemable at 7-11 stores, and the promotion runs through December 22.

Only time will tell, but maybe all those delicious, discounted Snickers bars may soothe the savage spirit of the internet.

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