Slutty Vegan

The Slutty Vegan Restaurant in Atlanta is Changing the Name of Vegan Food

Vegan food often gets a bad rep, seen as obscure-sounding proteins and depressingly healthy salads. However, as this type of food becomes more and more popular around the country, chefs are showing that vegan food can be more than just tofu scrambles and nutritional yeast. One vegan restaurant that brings mouthwateringly delicious vegan food to Atlanta, Georgia is the Slutty Vegan restaurant.

This popular black-owned vegan restaurant was opened by Pinky Cole, who has always had a dream of providing Atlanta's West End with tasty vegan options and awareness about food and health. With her decadent burgers and sides, Cole brings vegan options to those who may have never considered them otherwise.

The History of Slutty Vegan

Cole chose the name Slutty Vegan as an attention-grabbing hook, saying in an interview, "Slutty Vegan, to my mind, is someone who eats vegan but enjoys junk food—as long as it's not dead. I knew the name would be a great hook to help people to reimagine food."

She began to sell her signature vegan burgers from her apartment in the summer of 2018, using Instagram to advertise. After a few weeks, word had spread throughout the city about Cole's delicious burgers, and she could soon be found selling them from a food truck.

Only three months after she began selling her burgers, Cole had opened the first Slutty Vegan restaurant. After another three months, a crowd of 1,200 people attended the restaurant's grand opening. Now, all of Georgia has heard about the long lines stretching around the block, full of people eager to get their hands on Cole's decadent vegan fast food.

Slutty Vegan's success and popularity has continued to grow exponentially, and there are currently four Slutty Vegan locations in Georgia, in Atlanta, Duluth and Jonesboro, each providing delicious vegan food in a party atmosphere. These beloved Atlanta restaurants are revered as a haven of comfort food for vegans and non-vegans alike.

What is the Menu Like at the Slutty Vegan Restaurant?

The Slutty Vegan continues the theme of playfully suggestive names with its menu items, like the One Night Stand, Fussy Hussy, Sloppy Toppy, Super Slut and Ménage à Trois. The menu proudly proclaims the burgers' deliciousness, saying "No meat? No problem! You've never tasted a burger this Slutty. Enjoy the best in plant-based bangin'."

The Slutty Vegan's menu consists of twelve plant-based burgers and sandwiches smothered in toppings like caramelized onions, jalapeños, vegan cheese, vegan bacon and vegan shrimp. Most of these delectable burgers contain Cole's famous Slut Sauce and are served on a vegan Hawaiian bun.

Although most burgers contain a plant-based patty, there are also options to switch it up on the protein. The Heaux Boy is a vegan play off of a po' boy, containing vegan shrimp tossed in New Orleans style batter, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and Slut Sauce. The Chik'N Head is a tasty plant-based chicken option, and The Hollywood Hooker is a vegan chopped Philly with jalapeños, bell peppers, caramelized onions, vegan provolone, lettuce, tomato, ketchup and vegan mayo, all served on a hoagie roll.

The Slutty Fries are a yummy side to enjoy with your Slutty Vegan burger, or you can save room for one of the tasty desserts, from the Sweet Potato Pie to the Slutty Slushies. Check out the Slutty Vegan website,, to see more indulgent vegan food.

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