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Sister Sadie Dances Around a Tough Conversation on Fiery Bluegrass Number 'Well'


Grammy-nominated powerhouse bluegrass group Sister Sadie (Deanie Richardson, Gena Britt, Jaelee Roberts and Hasee Ciacco) call out a wishy-washy partner on blazing bluegrass breakup number "Well," written by International Bluegrass Music Association award (IBMA) winner Becky Buller and celebrated tunesmith Craig Market.

Led by Gena Britt on vocals, the tune centers on a woman in love with an indecisive partner.

"How can I ever miss you if you won't say goodbye/ I've nothing left to give you -- my tears have all run dry," Britt sings. "I must enjoy letting you drag me through this hell/ 'Cause I can't quit pitching pennies into your wishing well."

"This song was given to the band from an amazingly talented colleague of ours, Becky Buller," Gena Britt says.  "[Fiddler] Deanie [Richardson] brought it back from another songwriting session she had with Becky and sent it to me, saying she thought this song might fit my style of singing, which is straight ahead bluegrass. She was right -- I could hear the arrangement in my head from the very first note. The song lends itself to the thought that sometimes people just don't have conversations that should probably happen, or don't make decisions that would make it a lot easier for both parties. As the songwriters, Becky and Craig Market allude to, sometimes people don't know whether to end a relationship or just keep being miserable. When we went in the studio to cut this song, the energy and creativity was palpable."


Buller says she instantly new the song was a perfect fit for the dynamic group.

"Writing with Craig Market is a dazzling experience; he's one talented cat," Buller says. "With Gena on lead vocals, Sister Sadie musically channels all the frustration our protagonist in 'Well' is feeling at her sweetheart's indecision. I do love me a mean bluegrass song, and Sister Sadie satisfies with this one."

Listen to "Well" below.



Sister Sadie is a three-time IBMA Vocal Group of the Year and won the 2020 IBMA award for Entertainer of the Year.

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