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Lindsay + Sidney Greenbush: What Happened To Carrie from 'Little House'?

It was really the cast of Little House on the Prairie that made the TV series so iconic. Michael Landon and Karen Grassle made the perfect Charles and Caroline Ingalls with Melissa Gilbert and Melissa Sue Anderson doing an incredible job as Laura and Mary Ingalls respectively. But did you know that it was identical twins Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush who worked together to bring the young Carrie Ingalls to life over the course of the show? Here's what the twins have been up to since the beloved series ended.

The Greenbush twins grew up in Hollywood so it's no wonder they became child actors. Their father Billy Greenbush was an actor, known for appearing on shows like BonanzaGunsmokeand M*A*S*H. Their mother, Carole Kay Bush, was also an actor. The family was based in Los Angeles, California, which is how Lindsay and Sidney first got their big break. Though it really wasn't intentional. It was a friend of their father's who suggested the girls to a director looking for twins for his upcoming film and Sidney Robyn and Rachel Lindsay (their full names) got the gig.

After getting cast in the film Sunshine, the director, Joseph Sargent, suggested them to Michael Landon while he was working on casting his new TV show, Little House. The twins were just three years old when they filmed the pilot episode in the role of Carrie Ingalls. They quite literally grew up over the course of the show on the set of Walnut Grove.

"When you grow up doing something from a young age you think everyone does it," Sidney told Malibu Times. "You think it is all normal everyday life. By the time I was 12 it was all over."

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Interestingly enough, she said the most difficult part of filming is that producers didn't really want Carrie to grow up. They wanted to keep her as young as possible on the NBC show.

"They wanted her to stay a little girl so they would write things for Carrie that would have been for a much younger child," Sidney explained.

The girls definitely remember filming the opening credits scene running (or tripping?) down the hill as they told People Weekly back in 2001 according to Do You Remember.

"I remember running down the hill & getting going too fast. I fell & then when I got up I remember my Mom was standing by the camera trying to get me to run again & I thought to myself "Nu-uh, no way, we'll just walk". I wouldn't do it again & Rachel wouldn't either, so since both takes had falls in them they decided to leave it that way. Who knows, maybe that was the inspiration for America's Funniest Home Video," said Sidney.

Not even in high school when the show ended, the twins really haven't been very active in Hollywood since. Apparently, they had difficulty finding roles and eventually just moved on. They both appeared as Carrie in the TV movie Little House Years but that's essentially it. They participate in Little House reunions for fans, but Sidney spends her days working as a sales system administrator for a residential builder. As for her twin sister, Lindsay earned her degree in Accountancy from California State Lutheran University, but occasionally still acts. She appeared in the Vagina Monologues with her old co-star Alison Arngrim (Nellie Oleson) in 2016.

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