Shocking Video Shows Moment Escaped Bull Smashes Into Rodeo Visitor
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Shocking Video Shows Moment Escaped Bull Smashes Into Rodeo Visitor

A night at the rodeo turned into a tragedy that left four people injured. A bull escaped by hopping over the fence and smashing through spectators in the crowd. The incident happened at a rodeo in Oregon on June 8.

See the videos below of the carnage.

One spectator opened up about seeing the bull hop over the fence. It struck everyone by surprise.

"I capture him completely going over the gate and disappearing," Danielle Smithers, who recorded the encounter, told KOIN 6. "Then there's this huge pause in the zone he came out of. It seems like people go right back to waving their lights, almost like they're not really sure what to do."

The bull then ran amuck through the rodeo grounds. It ended up smashing into this person below.

"It's the first time we've ever had this happen in Sisters Rodeo history. I talked to our Scott contractors that have that bull, and they said it's just highly unusual, very rare, they have seen very little of this in their entire career. They'll see it on their own farm once in a while, just in their own pens, but never had this happen at a rodeo, it's just very, very rare," Brian Witt, vice president of Sisters Rodeo, told Fox News Digital.

Bull Attacks Rodeo Visitors

While the bull may have seemed aggressive, rodeo officials said it was just spooked and trying to find its way back. Officials managed to contain the bull in a livestock holding pen.

"He was just a little scared — he wasn't out to try and hit anybody — he was just trying to make it back to the herd and back in the chutes, just getting back with all the rest of the bulls. He was outside the arena, so it was a different situation for him," Witt explained. However, four people ended up injured as a result of the bull. Two had to go to the hospital.

"It was remarkably fortunate that there were no additional problems. Our first responders were just remarkable in terms of being able to give immediate care. And the cowboys were just so quick to be right on top of, you know, a pretty volatile situation," Witt said.Likewise, the rodeo released a statement, saying, "We wish the best to all affected. The safety of our fans is our highest priority, and we appreciate their support."