Toby Keith Shitty Golfer
Screengrab via Facebook

Toby Keith's New Video for 'Shitty Golfer' Will Make Any Golf Fan Chuckle


Toby Keith's new song was written for everyone who enjoys the game of golf, whether or not they are good at it. "Shitty Golfer" owns the frustration and heartache that comes with being bad on the green.

The music video highlights hilariously bad golfers and their goofy clothes while lamenting that fancy equipment doesn't make up for being a terrible golfer.

The clip shows golfers getting pelted with sand or hit in the crotch. The golfers angrily slice and hook their way through sand traps, tall grass and trees. Players bend their clubs in anger and even light them on fire, but still make their way along the course.

While the video is funny on its own, the song's lyrics alone are hysterical.

"Man, I hit 'em fast and I hit 'em thin
I roll 'em in the bunker's man, I hit 'em again
Slice 'em in the bushes, crank 'em in a creek
I popped that sucker up and hooked it out in the street."

The cut comes from Keith's recent album Bus Songs, which contains humor-filled tracks like "Brand New Bow" and "Wacky Tobaccy." The record also includes new recordings of old Keith songs like "Weed With Willie" and "Hell No."

Self-deprecating songs aside, Keith is actually not that shitty of a golfer. He plays a 13.0 handicap index and usually takes part in the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. Keith even owns a golf course near his Oklahoma ranch, where he plays most every day.

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