Toby Keith Releases New Ballad, 'Beautiful Stranger'


Toby Keith heats things up with his new single, "Beautiful Stranger."

The steamy new track is featured on his latest album, 35 MPH Town, and is all about recovering a lost love and holding onto it for dear life.

"You crush me with your fingertips," Keith sings softly. "It's been a while since I've seen this side of you." It toes the line of sexy and sweet with its telling of the ecstasy that comes from being reunited with a former flame.

"Beautiful stranger in the candlelight," he coos in the song's ch0rus, "God must have told you I needed this tonight. I've longed for this feeling, alone here in the dark, beautiful stranger in my heart."

The song is the only true ballad on 35 MPH Town, which is filled with the rowdy, attitude-filled jams that we've become accustomed to hearing from Keith. "Beautiful Stranger" reminds listeners of just how vocally gifted he is by revisiting the softer, more authentic sound that was featured in many of his early 90s releases.

Hopefully one day soon Keith will get back to his roots and revisit that old-school sound for future releases.

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Toby Keith Releases New Ballad, 'Beautiful Stranger'