This Company Takes Shipping Container Homes to a Whole New Level

Tiny living has taken the nation by storm and folks are getting more and more creative with their spaces. From log cabins to fire trucks, there's no shortage of ways to live small. Shipping container homes are the latest trend in the world of tiny homes. And one company in Montana is transforming the units into unique micro-dream homes.

Montainer, a company in Missoula, Mont., builds beautiful homes out of metal shipping containers. If you didn't think a shipping container could look homey—look closer. These adorable homes look seriously cozy.

Shipping Out

Montainer homes come in vibrant colors and have a welcoming interior decor.


With a simple, elegant design, Montainer creates a sustainable living area that complements the space around it.



One shipping container starts at $45,000. A two module configuration starts at $85,000 and a three module home starts at $120,000. Buyers put down a "no commitment" reservation deposit of $2,500.

The home pictured below was configured from three modules.

Want a larger, taller home? Just stack the containers on top of one another.

There's no shortage of options when it comes to configuring a Montainer home. Want a bright, open space that blends with the outdoor scenery? Outfit your shipping container home with large windows like the desert home pictured below.

Montainer's design team works with buyers to create a blueprint that reflects the homeowner's needs and lifestyle. The company also does all the groundwork in acquiring building permits from the city.

While most shipping container homes are currently used as secondary, "add-on" living spaces, we have a feeling we'll be seeing more and more people ditch their standard dwellings for these unique tiny homes.

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