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10 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Shipley Do-Nuts

Texans will tell you -there's nothing like a hot and glazed Shipley Do-nut straight from the oven. With over 190 stores in seven different states, Shipley Do-nuts has gained a following for its fresh and ready doughnuts, cinnamon rolls and kolaches.

Of course, it's one of the best doughnut shops in the United States (I mean, it's drive-thru doughnuts), but how much do you really know about this donut empire? Grab a donut hole (or three) and check out these 10 intriguing facts about Shipley Do-nuts.

1. Shipley Do-nuts used to cost $.05 a dozen.

Back in 1936 Lawrence Shipley, Sr. created the perfect recipe for his gourmet do-nuts. Rolled and cut by hand, these wholesale do-nuts were only $0.05 a dozen.

By the 1940s, Shipley do-nuts were being sold on the retail market and customers were flocking to the store for a taste of the famous do-nuts.

Today do-nuts cost about $8-9 dollars a dozen depending on the variety of donuts you purchase. While it's not as cheap as it was 80 years ago, it's still a bargain.

2. There are over 60 varieties of Do-nuts.

With over 60 varieties to choose from, there's no wonder Shipley Do-nuts has become a household favorite. With flavors like chocolate glazed donuts, coconut iced, Bavarian filled donuts, bear claws, cinnamon twists, blueberry cake glazed, apple fritters, and raspberry filled, there's a donut for everyone.

3. They make beignets to order.

If you haven't tried one of these fried doughnuts that became popularized in New Orleans, you gotta make your way down to Shipley. These made-to-order beignets are fried to perfection and doused in a shower of powdered sugar.

Make sure to grab a couple of napkins while eating this special treat-you're going to need them!

4. They host an annual run to benefit Kids' Meals Houston.

The Shipley Do-Nuts Dash is a 2-mile course with fun and whimsical donut themed obstacles. As a fundraiser for Kid's Meals Houston, meals on wheels for preschool children, Shipley has so far donated over $30,000 for the organization.

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This non-competitive run ends with an after-party complete with free do-nuts and ice cold milk. They also host a costume contest where the winner receives free donuts for the year!

5. Its furthest location is in Colorado.

Shipley Do-nuts is slowly growing across the nation. With stores located in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Tennessee, it's no surprise that the donut chain is looking to expand west.

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, four new locations should be popping up in the very near future.

6. Shipley makes four types of do-nuts.

At Shipley there are four different types of donuts: cake, filled, iced, and sprinkled.

The cake donuts come in flavors like buttermilk glazed cake, coconut ice cake, chocolate iced nut cake, and cinnamon sugar cake.

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Iced or coated donuts are of the yeast variety, making them fluffier and lighter than cake donuts. These donuts come in flavors like bullseye, Oreo cookie, and the original glazed.

How about a filling? Yeast donuts are filled with a variety of fillings such as Boston cream, raspberry, strawberry, and devil's food.

7. They sell over 6 million dozen donut holes a year.

If you do the math, that a lot of donuts! Each donut hole is made from a variety of donuts, but not every donut has a donut hole. Just think of all the donuts that Shipley makes.

8. A suspect once gave out free donuts while robbing a Shipley Do-Nuts.

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In the beginning of November in Houston, three armed suspects entered a Shipley Do-Nuts and demanded money from the cashier. While the money and cell phones were being collected, one of the suspects handed out free donuts to the customers.

9. They can cater your wedding.

Turn your wedding party up a notch with delivery of donuts! These catered treats can be made to match your decor and even your wedding cake. It's a small treat that'll make everyone jealous they didn't have it at their wedding.

10. Shipley Do-nuts serves 6 different kolaches.

If there's one pastry that describes Texas, it's the kolache. This Czech breakfast treat is a favorite here and Shipley makes it right! A fluffy yeast pastry is wrapped around sausage and filled with cheese and/or jalapeños.

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When visiting Shipley, try out the Big Earl sausage kolache, which is named after the former running back, Earl Campbell of the Houston Oilers. After retiring from football Earl created his own company, Earl Campbell Meat Products, which produces hot links used in Big Earl kolaches.

This article was originally published on March 26, 2019.

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