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Did You Guess the Location of Shiner's Super Bowl Commercial?

For the first time ever, Shiner Bock and Spoetzl Brewery debuted a Super Bowl commercial. The $1.2 million Super Bowl LII spot was part of the Texas beer campaign, 'This is Shiner Country', and was the first time the brand debuted a TV commercial. While it was only 30 seconds long, did you happen to recognize where it was filmed? As Shiner stated in the press release before the Super Bowl, the Texas brewery wanted to "reinforce its state as the iconic Texas craft beer loved by longtime residents while giving a warm welcome to new faces, with a country music twist."

Well, after seeing the commercial during the second half of the Super Bowl, it seems they did just that. If you haven't had the chance to watch, hit play on the Shiner Instagram post below to get up to speed.

Now, did you recognize that red stage in the background? Maybe it was the pool table near the bar, or the bar itself. Austinites and Texas natives who run the honky tonk circuit might recognize this bar as none other than East Austin's White Horse.  Unconfirmed by Shiner, we're placing good money on this being filmed at the White Horse, though the outside of the bar does look much different.

After all, where else can you find a stage that bright red and velvety in the state of Texas? The lit-up sign in the left corner of the stage was a giveaway, too, though Shiner made sure to keep it as 'every honky tonk in Texas' as they could. Really, the view looking out into the room from behind the bar might have convinced us more than anything, but we're open to other guesses.

While some feel that the Texas-Made message of their previous campaigns rings truest to Shiner, this was a kind and open welcome message to all of those out-of-staters moving to the Lone Star State. After all, this is Shiner Country at its best in the first-ever Super Bowl commercial. New Texans, native Texans, and everyone else can't deny that kind of ice-cold welcome.

After all, did you catch the homage to the yellow New Jersey license plate? The good-looking country couple certainly fit and will be two-steppin' with the best of them in no time. For now, all they have to do is drink their Shiner and enjoy the music. It's not hard to do down here, y'all, and this 30-second spot showed the best of the beer brand during the big game. The Spoetzl Brewery knows good beer and it knows that Texas markets are ever-expanding.

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