6 Creative Ideas to Make the 'She-Shed' of Your Dreams

The "man cave" has long been the place where men get to have their own private space, where they can watch sports undisturbed and hang up all the antlers and sports jerseys that aren't approved for the rest of the house. If you thought that women couldn't also get their own space, you clearly haven't heard of the "she shed." These little backyard beauties are the perfect place for the lady of the house to have her own hideaway whether it's a storage shed, garden shed, potting shed, home office, crafting or art studio, or even just a getaway spot to enjoy a good book. Who doesn't love an excuse for some extra decorating?!

Here are some fun DIY she shed ideas so you can make the backyard shed of your dreams and really make your outdoor space feel complete. We're particularly partial to the idea of repurposing some old doors to create your own shed.

1. Repurposed doors

Talk about the ideal DIY. Have some fun with choosing your doors, whether you already have them on hand or want to thrift them. You'll need to put together the actual frame that holds the doors together but that is way easier than starting from scratch. Get creative with the interior design on the inside and voila. It's your own she shed of your dreams. Throw up some bookshelves to make a reading nook or fully embrace the idea of a backyard office with a desk set up. Get a comfy chair and you'll never want to come back in the house!

2. Window boxes

If you can make a shed out of old doors, why not old windows? What a perfect project especially if you're already planning on replacing any windows on your house. It's particularly ideal if you're wanting to make a little plant retreat since you're getting all the greenhouse vibes with all that glass.

3. Add french doors

This simple project will completely transform your small space. Think about all of the natural light this will add to your private getaway. Hang some string lights around the outside and then you've got the perfect ambiance to settle down with a glass of wine when the sun goes down as well. 

4. Buy a tiny house kit

How perfect is this backyard getaway? Get some design ideas from this seriously cool tiny home/she shed but make it easier on yourself and buy a tiny home kit that you can find on Amazon. You can have your own backyard retreat and know that it was properly built if you're one of those people that isn't ready to embark on a bigger DIY project.

5. Make an art studio shed

How cool is this modern shed that has been transformed into an art studio? Just paint the entire space white to really enhance the natural light and create plenty of storage spaces for all of your art supplies. This is a pretty simple makeover project if you already have an empty shed in your backyard. 

6. Fire Pit

Who says a she-shed has to be limited to the shed itself? If you have some leftover materials from your back patio or landscaping your front yard, why not make yourself a little seating area with a fire pit? What a relaxing vibe to come home to at the end of a long day, especially if you aren't spending any extra money on materials!

This article was originally published in June of 2020.

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