Shania Twain Surprises 81-Year-Old Superfan By Inviting Him On Stage
Photos By Joe Maher/Getty Images and X/@ShaniaTwain

Shania Twain Surprises 81-Year-Old Superfan By Inviting Him On Stage

Shania Twain is not only a great performer, but she also knows how to honor her fans! Twain was the headliner at the Lytham Festival, so you know the Twain Stains were out in full effect! ...I made up that placeholder nickname for y'all on the fly, okay? I promise it's a one-time thing.

During her performance, Twain invited a special guest to join her on the stage! His name is Ken, and he's an ardent admirer of Twain's music! He's traveled around the world to see Twain in her element. So, Twain only thought it was fair if she returned the favor!

"Okay, so you're Ken? That DOES impress me much! For those who weren't at my show last night — meet Ken! He's traveled the world to see me play over the years and I got to return the favor by traveling to him to play in beautiful Lytham," Twain's X (formerly Twitter) post begins.

"He only needed to get the bus down to my gig this time! Thank you to everyone for coming out, I had the most fun with you all [at]LythamFestival! We're in Chepstow tonight — it's my first time playing Wales so show me what you've got."

Shania Twain Surprises A Long-Time Supporter By Inviting Him On Stage

Ken wasn't the only person Twain has had a positive influence on, however! "I got to see you in Vegas years ago. Your concert was awesome! So glad your voice returned to you. I share a very similar story to yours regarding my ex best friend and ex husband. I commend you for being able to come back from that. You are an inspiration," one X user states.

I love a cross-generational phenomenon! Sure, your parents try to naturally get you into the things they like. But it's still wholesome to see a mother and daughter cheering Twain on!

"Unbelievable such a lovely thing to do. Ken bless your wee heart a dream come true for you. This is why we love you Shania you have a heart of gold." Twain's fans know that whenever they're waiting in the audience for her to perform, "Life's About to Get Good." ...I'll see myself out now.