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Shania Twain Says Country Radio is 'Too Much of the Sameness'

Shania Twain has added her voice to the growing number of artists speaking out on gender inequality and the lack of diversity on country radio. The country star recently sat down with E! News to discuss her new show Real Country and how she's using the platform to open doors for a wider variety of artists.

Twain was outspoken about her disappointment with modern country radio.

"We have too much of the sameness right now. I'm a little bit bored with it and I want to pick it up," Twain told E! News, adding that she wanted to introduce more diversity to the genre with Real Country. "I wanted a show that, when you talk about diversity, that includes gender diversity, style diversity, lifestyle diversity."

The singer also said that while country radio still has a long way to go in terms of gender equality, progress has been made in bringing about awareness of the issue.

"We are not making radio progress, but we are making very small, steady steps towards awareness that we're lacking women on country radio," Twain told E! News.

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Real Country debuted on Nov. 13 on the USA network. The show's contestants are split up into three teams selected by Travis Tritt, Jake Owen and Twain, who also serves as the show's executive producer. So far, four contestants — Copper Chief, Kylie Frey, Jaida Dreyer and Larry Fleet — have made it to the final round for a chance to win $10,000, a slot at the Stagecoach Festival and an opportunity to perform on the Grand Ole Opry.

Twain certainly isn't alone in her criticisms of country radio. Recently, country artist Sara Evans spoke out on the "blatant stonewalling of female artists" by country radio and decried the "lack of creativity and lyrical sophistication" of many modern country songs.

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