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12 Things You Have to Try on the Shake Shack Secret Menu

Secret menus are the thing now. Every fast food chain has its secret menu items, though, between you, me and the drive-thru window, most of these "secret" items aren't so secret anymore. We can blame it on In-n-Out fans who raved about their favorite secret menu, but really, we all like to be in the know, especially at our favorite burger joints. The Shake Shack secret menu may not be as extensive or wild as a double double animal style, but for fans of the beloved New York burger chain, it's done just right.

Like all secret menus, Shake Shack secret menu items may or may not familiar to the person who takes your order. Some secret menu items are really limited time only offerings (like the Shack's Game of Thrones final season promotion in 2019 where you could have a Dragonglass Shake or a Dracarys Burger, but only if you ordered in Valyrian), while others are as simple as asking for extra sauce or extra meat.

Some things on the Shake Shack secret menu require you to do a little bit of post-ordering assembly. All of these items require you to be patient with your cashier and ask politely for exactly what you want.

Here are some of the excellent foods you can order from the Shake Shack secret menu.

The Quad Burger

Because Shake Shack loves us and wants us to be happy, they'll build you a ShackBurger with four cheeseburger patties. (We said happy, not healthy.) You can order this one by name or just ask for four meat patties.

SmokeShack Quad Burger

The SmokeShack is a Shake Shack burger with crispy bacon, so if you like a little extra meat with your extra meat, order the SmokeShack Quad.

Bacon Cheese Fries with ShackSauce

You can order cheese fries right off the menu, which is good. You can also ask for a side of ShackSauce and bacon to go on your cheese fries, which is even better.

Shack-Cago Burger

You might be able to order this one by name off Shake Shack's secret menu, but if not, order a Shack-Cago hot dog and a ShackBurger. Then take the special relish, onion, cucumber, pickle, tomato, mustard, celery salt and pepper off the hot dog and add it to the burger. It's a little bit of work, but it's so good.

Cheese Dog Hot Dog

What's better than a split and griddled hot dog on a toasted bun? A split and griddled hot dog on a toasted bun smothered in hot cheese. We don't make the rules, but we're more than happy to eat this one.

Garden Dog

You might get an employee who knows what a Garden Dog is by name, but most likely, if you want a vegetarian version of the chain's Chicago-style hot dog, you'll need to order the Shack-Cago dog and ask for them to hold the meat.

Protein Style ShackBurger

Shake Shack does have gluten-free buns, but if you're going low carb, you can order the burgers, chicken sandwiches or hot dogs with a lettuce wrap. This one you're going to have to assemble yourself, though.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

You can most likely order a grilled cheese by name (or just ask for a bun grilled with a couple of cheese slices). Ask nicely and you can get a side of bacon and some ShackSauce to go with it, too.


We love a burger joint that serves beer, especially when it's a special beer created just for the Shack by Brooklyn Brewery. For a fun summer treat, ask for a shandy, which is half lemonade, half beer and all tasty. Or just order one of each drink and make your own.

Root Beer Float

A root beer float is one of the best things in existence. While we can argue about the best root beer, Abita is one of our favorites. Combine that with Shake Shack custard (some self assembly required) and you've got yourself an outstanding post-burger dessert. And if you're feeling adventurous, skip the root beer and try a beer float with the chain's ShackMeister Ale.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Not going to lie, the idea of making an ice cream sandwich with a hamburger bun is a little weird. But the toasted buns are so good, and they make a perfect canvas for frozen custard so this is definitely one Shake Shack secret menu item you should at least try.

DIY Concrete

Designing your own concrete, Shake Shack's frozen custard blended with mix-ins, isn't exactly a secret menu item since Shake Shack offers the option on their main menu, but it's fun to come up with crazy combos. Each location has its own selection of mix-ins, so you can visit them all and design the frozen treat of your dreams.

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