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Popular Hard Seltzer Brands Ranked From Best to Worst

Hard seltzers are touted as the perfect summertime drink, but they're actually ideal no matter the occasion or time of year. Fizzy and full of fruity, drinkable flavors, it's hard to beat a hard seltzer for an after-work treat or weekend get-together. To determine once and for all which hard seltzer brand is the best, we took the question to our readers.

Why We Love Hard Seltzers

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Hard seltzers are beloved for their fizzy carbonation, similar to what you'd get in a sparkling water, mineral water or soda water. However, they combine this delicious fizziness with fruit flavors like watermelon, blood orange and cranberry, along with a little extra kick from the alcohol, which is normally around 5% ABV. This makes these tasty drinks perfect for sipping.

If you're not sure which flavor you like or you want to get a combo of flavors to choose from, like black cherry, grapefruit and mango, try getting a variety pack. Most seltzer brands have them to provide the ability to buy multiple flavors at once. However, before deciding on your favorite flavor, it's important to figure out which brand is the best.

Although using Google search data or other forms of data is an effective way to settle disputes like these, we felt that our readers and followers know what's up when it comes to alcoholic beverages. To see which spiked seltzer reigns supreme, we pitted different popular brands against each other on over a series of days to see which would receive the most votes on Instagram.

Which Seltzer Brand is the Best?

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On day 1, we asked our followers to vote between Bud Light Seltzer and Topo Chico Hard Seltzer. Although it was a very close call, Bud Light won out with one vote more than Topo Chico. We also posed the question- Truly or Corona Seltzer? The results of this showed that there's really no comparison, as Truly blew Corona out of the water.

On day 2, we asked our followers to choose between Bud Light Seltzer vs. White Claw, and Truly vs. Bon Viv. In the Bud Light vs. White Claw, White Claw demolished its competitor, winning almost all of the votes of the day. As for Truly vs. Bon Viv, Truly also won with far more votes than Bon V!v.

Day 3 was the moment of truth, pitting the two finalists against each other, Truly and White Claw. Although the results were close, White Claw pulled out ahead with a few more votes than Truly. We can't say that we're surprised!

Best Seltzer Ranked by Brand

Based on how many votes each hard seltzer variety received during the ranking process, we've ranked them from best to worst. Here are our results! Do you agree?

1. White Claw

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2. Truly

3. Bud Light Seltzer

4. Topo Chico Seltzer

5. Corona Seltzer and Bon Viv

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