Wine Condoms are the Fresh Wine-Saving Solution We Love

Have you ever been in the situation where, for some unknown reason, there's an opened and unfinished bottle of wine that just doesn't quite fit in the refrigerator due to the decorative (and tall) wine stopper you received as a gift? If you're a wine aficionado, or even just one that enjoys a glass once a day (hey, it's good for the heart), you've probably run into a similar situation. It's a true bummer to be forced to leave your should-be-chilled wine either on the counter or in the fridge, on its side with the potential of spilling and/or entirely changing the composition of the flavors.

Mitchell Strahan had an idea after witnessing his mother coming home with a wine bottle not topped with a wine bottle stopper but wrapped in foil. Why? So it would fit in the fridge with ease, of course! Upon seeing this blaspheme, Strahan sought out to create something wine-os around the world, such as his mom, could utilize and save the hassle and legal issues of traveling with an essentially open container.

His solution? The wine condom. We know, this may sound odd, but the science behind it is legitimate and better yet - it works.

These wine condoms, which can be purchased on Amazon, work exactly as you'd expect and make the perfect novelty gift for the chardonnay and merlot lovers in your life.

They come in gold packaging and fit tightly over the top of your wine bottle to prevent spillage.  The tight seal fits over the rim of the bottle, keeping wine fresh. Though it may seem odd, it's everything a wine-lover could hope for.

This post was originally published on January 9, 2018.

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