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Breakfast is Quick and Healthy with Easy Overnight Oats, Guaranteed

Mornings can be a drag, can't they? With so much to do and see on a daily basis, many people don't have time for a healthy breakfast... or so they thought. What if we told you there was a way to prep your breakfast the night before in a mason jar so that it was ready for you to devour first thing in the morning? It's true. Dave's Natural is bringing you make-ahead Overnight Oats in four delicious flavors that make prepping for busy mornings easy as pie. And as tasty as it, too.

No longer do you have to wake up and turn the stove on to wait for your healthy serving of old-fashioned oats to boil. Instead, you can just prepare your overnight oats in a cup from Dave's Gourmet the night before, and all you have to do in the morning is wake up.


Dave's Naturals

These oats are a balanced mix of organic oats, chia, crunchy almonds and fruit that you simply soak in water overnight and voila! Next thing you know, your breakfast awaits you right where you left it in the fridge the next day.

So what's the natural part of Dave's Natural? These Overnight Oats are made with organic whole grain rolled oats and chia seeds, while the fruit included was chosen for its high fiber, protein, vitamin, and antioxidant content. All that plus the fact that its gluten-free makes these the best overnight oats around. You won't feel sleepy around 10:00 AM with this easy breakfast because as your body takes longer to digest fiber, you'll feel fuller longer.

Apple Nut Overnight Oats


Dave's Naturals

This hearty oatmeal tastes just like your momma's leftover apple pie for breakfast. The combination of apples, ground cinnamon, almonds, oat bran, organic oats, and chia seeds just reminds you of autumn with each spoonful. This is the perfect flavor for the change of seasons. Prepare it with unsweetened almond milk or greek yogurt for a whole new take on an overnight oats recipe. And if almond butter is your thing, slap on a spoonful or two of the stuff.

Blueberry Almond Vanilla Overnight Oats


Dave's Natural

If Apple Cinnamon tastes like autumn, then you know the Blueberry Almond Vanilla variety tastes just like summertime in your hand. Fresh, ripe blueberries combine with vanilla extract, chia seeds, and almonds in an oat bath that's scrumptious and wholesome enough to enjoy every morning.

Cinnamon Raisin Overnight Oats


Dave's Naturals

This classic flavor harkens back to the hot oatmeal your momma would make on colder mornings to get you fueled up for the day. Raisins and cinnamon come together to create a cozy cocoon of oats, chia seeds, and oat bran accentuated by a touch of sea salt. Make it your own by drizzling on a touch of maple syrup or brown sugar.

Mixed Berry


Dave's Naturals

If you're a fan of every berry around, then this flavor is filled with blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries will absolutely delight you first thing in the morning. With the signature whole grain oats and chia seeds accompanying this flavor, this is the flavor for anyone who always picks berries over apples any time of year. Add in some fresh fruit to this bad boy to bring it over the top. So delicious!

Though Dave's Gourmet didn't start with oats, they sure have mastered this morning time saver in a cup, and they want you to experience how easy and delicious your mornings could be with the help of their overnight oats in a cup, made for busy people just like you. Find all of the flavors of Dave's Naturals online.

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