press photo of Sarah Ryder
Emily Saffell

Sarah Ryder is Torn Between Love and Leaving on 'Halfway House' [Premiere]

Rising country artist Sarah Ryder sings about a couple holding on to a broken relationship on "Halfway House," a wine-soaked ballad that recalls powerhouse country anthems of Martina McBride, Reba McEntire and more.

Ryder says the song was inspired by a time in her life when she was torn between two roads.

"Halfway House represents a period of my life. No regrets for the decisions made or going through that chapter, though something I had to put on paper to process. I'm grateful for what I learned!" Ryder tells Wide Open Country. "Being halfway in and out of a relationship is a tough spot. Sometimes it's hard to make change and step away even though you know you should. Love does some crazy things to us."

Watch the video for "Halfway House" below.

"Halfway House" is the latest release from Ryder's forthcoming album Seasons of the Fall (out May 6). Ryder previously released "Get Back" and "Another Fool."

The Lititz, Pennsylvania-raised artist, now based in Nashville, began writing songs at eight years old and began pursuing music professionally after high school.

"I will never forget going to see George Strait in Harrisburg [Pennsylvania] from the nosebleed section with my friends," Ryder shared in a press release. "His voice carried across the crowd and I found myself intently listening to the lyrics. I immediately knew my calling. I had to create something that would make people feel the way I felt in that moment. I wanted to be expressive and relatable—something I continue to strive for within my music."

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