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The 15 Best Martina McBride Songs

With 14 Grammy nominations, four CMA Awards for Female Vocalist of the Year, and two greatest hits albums, it's safe to say Martina McBride has made her mark on country music. Ever since her debut single "The Time Has Come," McBride has been making regular appearances on Billboard's country charts and adult contemporary charts with her stunning vocals and memorable lyrics. Since her debut to the country music scene in 1991, she's become one of the greatest female voices in the genre, inspiring new female country singers who came to Music City after seeing her success.

The Kansas native turned Nashville star's number one hits include classics like "Wrong Again" and "Blessed" that you could easily listen to over and over again. And that's just how Martina does it. The woman just doesn't put out any bad music. With a string of successful studio albums, including Wild AngelsEmotionShineTimeless, Waking Up Laughing, The Way That I Am, The Time Has Come and Reckless, McBride has made a name for herself as a country superstar. She's right up there with some of the biggest names in country like Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, and Miranda Lambert.

Here are our picks for the 15 best Martina McBride songs.

15. "This One's For The Girls"

As the mother of three daughters, this song probably hits close to home for McBride as it would for any fans out there who are also mothers or maternal figures. It's also one of her greatest hits. The song was included on McBride's 2003 album Martina, which also included "God's Will" and "How Far."

14. "Concrete Angel"

How far can a country star go to raise awareness of domestic violence? My heart breaks every time I hear this song about an abused child who goes unsaved by her peers and teachers. The music video is especially moving, encouraging people to say something when they see signs of abuse. Sometimes people just need a reminder that if you aren't the one to say something, maybe no one else will. It's a harsh but necessary reminder in order to help save anyone out there suffering from the horrors of domestic violence.

13. "A Broken Wing"

Featured on her album Evolution, which included the singles "Whatever You Say," "Happy Girl," "Still Holding On," and "Valentine," "A Broken Wing" earned McBride her second No. 1 hit. The song follows a woman escaping from an emotionally abusive relationship. Apparently, the song was recorded in one day, another example of McBride's willingness to cover tough subject matter to inspire her fans and listeners.

 12. "Whatever You Say"

Another song about a woman struggling in a relationship, the powerful "Whatever You Say" was a number two hit from Evolution. The woman in the song is struggling for her lover to actually take anything she says seriously, trying to make up her mind on whether or not she should leave.

11. "I Love You"

This upbeat hit was recorded for the soundtrack for Runaway Bride, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. It's happy, upbeat, and really the epitome of a strong 90s country love song. The song was so successful following the popular rom-com, it was later included on McBride's greatest hits album.

10. "Valentine"

This collaboration with pianist Jim Brickman was a number three hit on the Adult Contemporary chart. It actually served as a follow-up to "A Broken Wing."

9. "I'm Gonna Love You Through It"

This inspiring song from Eleven follows a narrator who is battling breast cancer. Nominated for a Grammy, this moving song follows the narrator getting support from her husband during her experience. One of the songwriters was inspired by her own mother's experience surviving cancer.

8. "Love's the Only House"

This song from McBride's 1999 album Emotion teaches the listener to have compassion for others and serves as a reminder that love is the one way people can get through their pain and suffering. The narrator watches various people suffering from their own respective ailments, offering lyrics of encouragement to focus on love to heal.

7. "My Baby Loves Me"

Written by Gretchen Peters and originally recorded by Canadian singer Patricia Conroy as "My Baby Loves Me (Just the Way That I Am)," McBride's recording was a top 5 hit in 1993. The song is a sweet love song about how the narrator doesn't need to do anything extravagant for attention because her lover appreciates her for exactly the way she is.

6. "Happy Girl"

Like its title, this song, written by Beth Nielsen Chapman and Annie Roboff, is sure to make you happy. That's probably why it was yet another hit for McBride. The lyrics are upbeat and fun, inspiring you to find your own personal joy.

5. "In My Daughter's Eyes"

From her seventh studio album, Martina, this song is especially poignant to listen to if you're a parent, which McBride can also personally relate to.

4. "There You Are"

With appearances on Emotion as well as McBride's Greatest Hits album, this was the country star's first top 20 hit on the Adult Contemporary charts.

3. "Safe in the Arms of Love"

Originally recorded by Wild Choir, McBride released her cover shortly after fellow country singer Michelle Wright for her album Wild Angels.

2. "Wild Angels"

The joyous title track from Wild Angels earned McBride her first No. 1 single. The song is all about how a woman believes that there are 'wild angels' out there looking over her relationship and helping them stay together.

1. "Independence Day"

One of the most iconic and memorable songs in country history, "Independence Day" was included in CMT's 100 Greatest Songs of Country Music. It was originally offered to Reba McEntire, but when she passed, McBride stepped in. Songwriter Gretchen Peters won CMA Song of the Year in 1995.

Honorable mentions: "Where Would You Be," "When God-Fearin' Women Get the Blues" and "Cry On the Shoulder of the Road."

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This story previously ran on Jan. 28, 2020.