Sara Evans Opens About That Time She Almost Died
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Stagecoach

Sara Evans Opens About All Those Times She Almost Died

It turns out that Sara Evans may very well be living in a Final Destination movie. It sounds like Death has been trying to punch her ticket for some time. The singer has faced multiple near-death encounters.

Appearing on The Bobby Bones Show, the singer opened up about some of her experiences. The most painful occurred when she was just a child. She said, "I was standing in the middle of the highway. I was 8-years-old." Evans had been riding a motorcycle up and down her drive. She "got off the motorcycle to cross the highway, which I was not allowed to do."

A passing car smashed into Evans while she was standing in the road. She said, "I ended up breaking both legs, both arms, having a huge concussion, being unconscious for three days. In the hospital for six weeks." While she didn't remember the impact, she recalled the aftermath.

Sara Evans Nearly Died

She said, "I remember seeing a flash of blue. Later in my PTSD, I would fall asleep and see the blue out of the left of my eye and it would jolt me awake. And then I fell in a well and almost died. I had a plane crash. I was in a private plane. We were half a second from hitting the ground. "

It sounds like death wasn't done with her yet. She said, "We were coming home from a one-off show in Minnesota. We got in the plane. It was about 11 p.m. I was with my brother and his wife." Well the gyroscope in the airplane was broke. She said, "Our plane thought we were upside down, so our plane flipped upside down... We were half a second from slamming into the ground."

The G-forces ended up denting the wing of the plane as the pilots made a last minute effort that saved them. Just recently, Evans pulled out of the ACM Awards for being sick. The singer has had a rough go of it. She said at the time, "Unfortunately I have been super sick this week. I was hoping to feel better, but I am not able to make it to the ACM Awards tonight and I have to reschedule my shows in Rocky Mount, Virginia this weekend. I am sooooo sad and was looking forward to everything," she added. "Love y'all and can't wait to get to get back on the road and sing with you soon."