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Join the Saint Arnold Society to Get Free Beer for Life at the New Beer Garden

Notably known as the patron saint of brewers, Saint Arnold has bestowed upon us the gift that keeps on giving: a lifetime membership to the Saint Arnold Society. Don't be too afraid, this isn't a secret society or something where they'll take you into a dark room and make you recite poetry while standing on your head.

Rather it's a lifetime membership to the Saint Arnold Beer Garden opening in 2018 in downtown Houston. For a one-time membership fee of $1,000 you get a free beer with each visit, a handmade engraved pewter mug stored at the Beer Garden (valued at $150), a tour of the construction site, a VIP invite to the Grand Opening Party, and much more!


Saint Arnold Brewing Co.

Prospective members can sign up here, but be fast, there is a limited number of spots available in the society (making it that much more exclusive to be a part of).

Opening the Saint Arnold Beer Garden has been a longtime dream of Beer Garden Founder and Brewer, Brock Wagner.


Saint Arnold Brewing Co.

Wagner recently stated, "Since opening Saint Arnold Brewing Company in 1994, I have long had a dream of creating a beer garden that would be a destination for the community to gather - a place Houstonians are proud of and want to bring visitors to."

The Beer Garden is set to open right beside the current brewery on Lyon Street and is to offer a pet-friendly outdoor garden complete with murals painted by local artists.


Saint Arnold Brewing Co.

Saint Arnold Brewing currently serves eleven year-round beers along with seven seasonal beers and three special series. Just think about how much of this delicious beer you can drink in your lifetime.

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