The Holiday Gift You'll Gift Your Loved One and Wish You Kept for Yourself

Shopping for gifts can be especially hard when you're shopping for the person who has everything. Nowadays, it's incredibly easy to order something online and most people do so as soon as they need something. While the glitz and glamour of trendy gifts wear off quickly when February comes, the best and longest-lasting present you can give is one that is both functional and thoughtful. This year, we're shopping for practical and meaningful gifts and our first pick for the home cook who almost has everything will make you want to pick an extra for your kitchen, too.

If there is one kitchen object every home cook uses regularly, it's the classic chef's knife. Whether it's 8, 10, or 12 inches, size doesn't matter as long as you're dealing with a sharp blade. Slicing through fruit is always easier and safer with a sharp blade, and carving the roasted turkey is a real snap. The real question is, how do you easily keep that blade sharp?

Work Sharp Culinary knife sharpeners were designed with the home chef in mind. Work Sharp Culinary offers a few different knife sharpeners, starting with the premier E5 sharpener, which comes with a ceramic honing rod for quick touch-ups.

All you need to do is simply place it on your countertop, and turn on the power button. Slowly run your knife through the two guides, alternating sides until it shuts off for you.

It doesn't just work on knives, either. Those scissors in your kitchen drawer that are dull and hardly useful? Run those through it, too. How simple was that! Check it out in action.

If the E5 isn't your speed, you can also check out the E3 kitchen knife sharpener that is a bit less expensive. With two different sharpening speeds, it's easy to determine when you are finished renewing your knife's edge. You also receive a ceramic honing rod with the E3 knife sharpener package for those super simple touch-ups.

If you're looking to replace that old steel rod in your knife block, take a look at the M3 kitchen knife sharpener that comes with interchangeable diamond and ceramic honing rods. The angle guides will keep the angle of your blade consistent, giving you a more precise edge while speeding up the sharpening process.

It can live seamlessly in a kitchen drawer or knife block, and it's incredibly handy when you need a quick zip of the blade.

So why do these knife sharpeners make a good Christmas gift that you'll want for yourself? Not only is a sharp knife the most important kitchen tool for any meal, these sharpeners make it easy to maintain your good knives. Never again will you need to replace a dull knife; invest in your cutlery and it will never let you down.

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