Ryan Bingham attends the premiere of Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures' "Hostiles" at Samuel Goldwyn Theater on December 14, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)/Kevin Costner attends the Premiere Party For Paramount Network's "Yellowstone" Season 2 at Lombardi House on May 30, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

'Yellowstone' Star Ryan Bingham Shares How Kevin Costner Is On Set: 'We're Always Joking'

Yellowstone star Ryan Bingham is spilling all of the secrets, and boy are they good! The actor, who plays Walker on the fan-favorite series, spoke with the Los Angeles Times about his time on the show and his career. Bingham shared that despite Kevin Costner being a tough cookie on the series, he is definitely not like his character, John Dutton. Sure, Dutton is pretty intimidating, to say the least, but apparently, the Oscar winner is a pleasure on set, so much so that he makes it a point to shake the hand of every crew and cast member every day.

Bingham says Costner's everyday behavior sets the mood for the rest of the crew and cast, saying that there is a lot of freedom and positive feelings on the set. "We're always joking backstage and things like that," the singer-songwriter stated. "It's interesting how light and fun it is when we're on set and we're playing around. People are chasing around horses and things like that. But then when you see the show, it can be pretty dark."

This isn't the first time we've heard that Costner is a pretty great guy. Even though he's been in big films, including JFK, The Bodyguard, Dances With Wolves and Field of Dreams, to name a few, he's still down to earth and hard-working. Luke Grimes, who plays his son, Kayce Dutton, has repeatedly said that Costner always approaches his work with high standards.

"One thing that I really enjoy to see in him is his passion for the work. It's still very much there. He still wants to work and is still very curious and still wants to dissect the scenes and get everything out of the scene that he possibly can," Grimes stated. "You never know if someone of that stature if they are still going to love the work the way that they did when they first started, and he really seems to."

Kelly Reilly, who plays his daughter Beth Dutton, also said that Costner has great chemistry with everyone on set.

"Well, we've been working together for four years now, he and I, and we have so many scenes together, so many days working together. He's honestly one of the nicest, most generous actors I've worked with," Reilly said (quote via Looper). "We get on so well and we have this real fun relationship. So, yeah, I mean, it's pretty wonderful. He's so incredible on the show. I really respect him as an actor and the work he's doing. I just love what he does. I could watch him all day. I'm learning a lot from him."

Following the Season 5 mid-season finale, reports surfaced revealing some drama behind the scenes of the beloved series. Despite the fact that Costner's time as John Dutton is officially coming to an end with the conclusion of the season airing in November, it seems like he's made a positive impact with the rest of his cast and crew over the past five seasons. Now onto bigger pastures, specifically his epic Western saga Horizon.

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