“RIP Alice” Trends on Twitter, And Alice Cooper Fans Are Having A Meltdown
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

“RIP Alice” Trends on Twitter, And Alice Cooper Fans Are Having A Meltdown

Alice Cooper fans were certainly in for a rude awakening. Many took to X formerly Twitter to find that "RIP Alice" was currently trending.

Heck of a way to find out your hero and idol has passed, right? The only issue....Alice Cooper isn't dead! Fans were freaking out for nothing, causing the key term to trend even harder. Several started posting their worries about Cooper to the social media outlet. One person wrote, "Saw 'RIP Alice' trending and suddenly got very worried about Alice Cooper." Another person wrote, "I saw RIP ALICE trending and I got a lump in my throat. But he's OK. Nothing to see here."

Yet another person wrote, "I saw RIP Alice and thought it was Alice Cooper" Oh yes and only 3 thousand people are talking about it, come on people."

Rest assured, Alice Cooper fans. The rocker is alive and well. In fact, he's currently on a world tour, planning to play later in Sweden. So if not Alice Cooper, then what's going on with the trend? Well, it seemed to have started over an internet-famous goldfish named Alice. The fish died and people took to social media to mourn the fish. Cue a couple of grieving Alice Cooper fans and a huge misunderstanding.

Alice Cooper Rocks On

One wrote, "On one hand, the internet is currently commemorating the memory of a goldfish, because the world has gone insane, on the other hand, that's a ton of empathy for a dead goldfish and this gives me hope."

Another wrote, "You gave her the best final days a gold fish could ever want. She passed knowing she was loved. RIP Alice. Now go to the store and get another one. You've got all the supplies."

Meanwhile, one person seemed to think the trending term referred to commentator Alice Stewart. Stewart passed away in May. They wrote, "RIP Alice. Avid runner. Strong Independent woman. Died alone. No children. Her entire career will be remembered as 'Fully vaccinated'. Threw her life away for the establishment & never realized her biological imperative. Sad." Ouch that sounds kind of mean. Anyways, Cooper lives to play another day.