Riley Strain’s Mother Reveals Heartbreaking Last Text He Sent Her As New Witness Steps Forward
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Riley Strain’s Mother Reveals Heartbreaking Last Text He Sent Her As New Witness Steps Forward

Riley Strain's family continues to hold out hope for the missing University of Missouri student. Strain's mother Michelle reflected on her last conversations with Strain, revealing a heartbreaking final text.

The last thing Strain texted his mother before going missing was "I love you." The college senior disappeared after leaving Luke Bryan's 32 Bridge Bar. The establishment asked him to leave due to apparent intoxication. Rescue crews consider to search for Strain, but so far, there's been little sign of him

Speaking with People, Strain's mother said, "We're searching everywhere.... We're going to find you." She also said that this was the longest that she's ever gone without speaking with Strain. "I've never gone this long without talking to him," she said. "He just always wants to make sure that his mama is okay, no matter what. He's such a great kid."

The last time she spoke to him was on video call. She said that Strain appeared excited to be in Nashville. He showed her his surroundings on video. "We FaceTimed for a while, he wanted me to see around, and he was so excited," she told PEOPLE. "Then we hung up and he texted me and he was like, 'It was kind of hard to hear you, but I wanted you to see what was happening.' "

"I said, 'Well, you boys be safe. Make good choices. I love you guys.' And he said, "I love you, too,'" she added. "And that's it, that's the last I have heard from him."

Eyewitness Sees Riley Strain

Strain's stepfather Chris said the family is preparing for the worst. They're acutely aware that the longer Strain is missing, the less likely it will be a favorable outcome for the missing 22-year-old

"Put yourself in our shoes. Your family, your brother, your sister — they've been missing for almost two weeks," Strain's stepfather said. ""Everybody knows it, everybody's thinking it — those conversations are starting to happen," he continued. "It's not what we want. And I understand that people want to know what we're feeling — we're feeling frustrated, we're feeling hurt, we're feeling depressed."

However, rescue crews are continuing to search for Strain. Recently, someone came forward according to family friend Chris Dingman (via The Independent). They claim to have seen Strain the night he disappeared. "The mother reached out, she saw Riley and made a comment, like, 'You're not driving tonight?' and he goes, 'No ma'am,'" he said. Search crews are focusing their efforts on on the Cheatham Lock and Dam near Ashland City.