Forget About Haunted Houses, Drive Through a Haunted Car Wash This Halloween

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Tis the season for people to pay actual money to get completely terrified. Whether you're visiting a haunted house or rewatching all of your favorite slasher films, Halloween is upon us so why not take advantage of it? Of all the haunted experiences there are to choose from, I bet you never thought one of them would be a car wash.

You read that right. Rich's Car Wash in Daphne, Alabama decided to take everyone's spooky holiday to the next level. They have actually turned their wash tunnel into a haunted house/drive through car was experience and it is seriously cool.

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For $20 ($10 for Club members) you can stop by the Daphne location and check-in for the scare of your life. The Tunnel of Terror will be available from Oct 25-31, 6-10 p.m, so make sure to plan ahead for a wait time just in case. There's no limit on riders, so just load up the car for some Halloween fun, while simultaneously getting your car cleaned. 

This is the second annual Tunnel of Terror for Rich's, and if you follow along with a video from last year you'll get an idea of what could be in store. Rich's Car Wash employees and presumably some extra performers not only greet you as you pull up in full creepy costumes, but pop up throughout the smoky drive through. Since your $20 goes to charity, there's no need to worry about any aggressive upselling or up charges from these zombies! You're safely in your car the whole experience. 

In addition to some serious mood lighting, killer clowns pop up in your windows for a good scare and bang along the car as your slowly make your way through. It's really the incredible team at Rich's that brings the entire experience to life with so many awesome details along the ride and plenty of spooky characters. You don't want to miss this!

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Forget About Haunted Houses, Drive Through a Haunted Car Wash This Halloween