Texas Country Artist Rich O'Toole is Suing Uber Following Accident

Rich O'Toole

Singer Rich O'Toole has filed a lawsuit against Uber after being involved in an accident that caused a neck fracture in February

The accident was allegedly caused because the driver stopped in the middle of a highway to check directions. They were rear-ended at a high speed. He fractured his neck and sustained other injuries from the accident.

According to a statement from O'Toole's lawyers, O'Toole says his life and career were threatened because of the accident. "The trajectory of Mr. O'Toole's career crashed like the car," read the statement. "The timing of this negligent crash was spectacularly bad for Rich's career, but he is a survivor and will keep working hard to make heartfelt music for his fans and realizing his professional aspirations."

O'Toole's album, American Kid, had just come out, and he was set to start a promotional tour. He was also slated to open for Willie Nelson and the Josh Abbott Band. The album was two years in the making for O'Toole.

He is currently on tour, with dates announced through fall. His new single, "God & George Strait," will be available for pre-order on July 27 on iTunes.

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Texas Country Artist Rich O'Toole is Suing Uber Following Accident