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Kenny Chesney's Cinematic Video for 'Rich and Miserable' Packs an Important Message

Kenny Chesney's brand new video for "Rich and Miserable" features an important and relatable message. The track is featured on his recent album Cosmic Hallelujah, but the song gets elevated to new heights with this poignant clip.

Chesney enlisted the fabulous John C. McGinley (ScrubsThe Rock) as a college professor. In the video, he asks his class what makes somebody "rich."

The professor begins by writing the title of the song, "Rich and Miserable," across a massive chalkboard. He then launches into a brief speech asking students, "But what about you?"

In other words, what can you become so rich in that you just give it away to the world? Something that keeps you from every becoming rich and miserable. He asks the students to then get up, write it on the board, leave and give it to the world.

Besides McGinley's brief yet stellar performance, the clip features a really cool aesthetic and an even cooler idea. It seems more and more videos lately just kind of feature people singing. Turning the video into a lesson in itself is a great move by Kenny and company.

The song also references the costs of education in the line, "Go to school to get a job; don't make enough to pay it off." It's certainly one of the more progressively minded songs on Chesney's album.

Which makes sense, because Shane McAnally and John Osborne wrote it, alongside Jess Frasure. Chesney released Cosmic Hallelujah last year. So far, he's released three singles off the album. His duet with Pink, "Setting the World on Fire," went No. 1 on country radio.

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His most recent single, "Bar at the End of the World," is knocking on the door of the top 10 on country radio. No word if "Rich and Miserable" is the next single, but it's got a good chance of success if this video gets its due respect.

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