Kenny Chesney Gets Candid About Taking a Break in 2017

Allister Ann

Kenny Chesney has been tirelessly touring and recording since the early 90s, and now, it looks like he's ready to take a little break. Fear not! It's just a one-year deal where he'll be taking some much needed time for himself. Following the release of his new album, Cosmic Hallelujah, he'll be stepping out of the spotlight for a while.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Chesney explains that he has committed to seven different shows in 2017, but that's it. "I've got Tortuga and a couple of other festivals," he explains. "They're trying to have me do a few more. But I'm looking forward to just doing those seven and just doing what I want."

So what will Chesney be doing on his time off? He doesn't really know yet. "I'm not sure what that is. When I'm really busy I crave being still, and when I'm still I start to freak the hell out," he jokes.

The singer also confirms that, as of right now, he does plan on following up his year of downtime with a big tour in 2018. "The second half of [2017], I'll be mentally busy prepping for '18, but the first half I'm going to be doing some shows and I'm hoping to be creative in some way."

And, of course, he has family on the mind. "Hopefully, I'll get to spend some more time with my family and reconnect with the people you're not supposed to have to get reconnected to, but that is my life and that is my truth."

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Chesney certainly deserves to take some time to recharge his batteries. As he points out, he performed approximately 150 shows in an 18 month period of time during 2015 and 2016. As Chesney's grandmother puts it, "Chocolate cake is great, but enough will make you sick."

Here's to hoping he spends his time off on some beach, somewhere with a cold drink his hand.

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Kenny Chesney Gets Candid About Taking a Break in 2017