The 20 Best Red Delicious Apple Recipes To Savor the Fall Season

The ultimate cold weather comfort food

No other seasonal fruit is quite as beloved as apples are. Outside of pumpkin spice, apples are essential to tons of autumn recipes and traditions. Where would we be without apple pie on Thanksgiving, apple cider donuts, and the vibrant sheen of candy apples for Halloween? Few other activities are as fun as apple picking, which means you're probably in possession of more apples than you know what to do with. 

Apple pie might be the most famous of red delicious apple recipes, but there are loads of other creative ways to use this juiciest of fruits. Red delicious apples are known for their sweet, but mild flavor, but often get overlooked in recipes. Don't write off the unique taste of this apple when making both sweet and savory creations in the kitchen.

We've put together 20 of the best red delicious apple recipes you can find. There are brand-new takes on favorites like shredded apple pie and apple cake, along with staples like apple cider and apple butter. Don't forget to include these apples in savory dishes like pork chops and red apple coleslaw. There is no shortage of what you can do with red delicious apples, so let's start right now!

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