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'Practical Magic': How to Re-create the Iconic Fall Fashion From the '90s Film

90s fall doesn't get much better than the Owens sisters.

When we say we're embracing a witchy aesthetic this fall, we're not talking about broomsticks and black hats. (However, there's plenty of that if you're looking for a witch costume this Halloween.) We're talking about the downright bewitching looks Hollywood babes Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock served up in the 1998 cult classic Practical Magic.

Unlike the spell-casters you dressed up as for Halloween, these '90s witches sported an eclectic mix of boho-inspired silhouettes and romantic, cottagecore pieces that everyone on TikTok is vying to re-create. And what better time to add a little old-school magic to your wardrobe than autumn?

Inspired by fictional witchy sisters Sally (Bullock) and Gillian Owens (Kidman), the Practical Magic aesthetic has been described as "whimsigoth" — a perfect blend of magical, romantic and gothic influences. Wearing these looks will have you planting rosemary by your garden gate and blasting Stevie Nicks' "Crystal" as you light your candles for a spell.

While scouring thrift stores and vintage shops might feel like a more authentic way to channel the witches of Practical Magic, you don't have to dig through the bargain bins to nail the look. We've done the virtual digging for you and rounded up the key pieces to achieve Sally and Gillian's enchanting ensembles.

Read on to discover what fashion ingredients you need to summon the look.

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